Charles de Gaulle is the major and biggest international airport access into this amazing and lovely city of France , and getting from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris is Easily and Safely .The Paris city is a major city of tourism is Easily and Safely .
Getting to Paris Downtown
This really is an extremely charming city and it is located by the seine river. It’s just around 23 kilometres from the CDG airport and transfers from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris are usually effective and reasonably inexpensive.
there , you’ll discover number of popular destinations. This is just a extraordinary city for a holiday vacation. there are a variety of possibilities for that and it’s more than simply the truth that you will discover certain fantastic Paris beaches middle of the capital . this really is an absolutely traditional town.

Things to do in Paris city


We suggest you a Paris attraction city tour that will allow you to visit the most wonderful and popular destinations in Paris like Eiffel Tower , Notre Dame Cathedral , Montmartre , Louvre museum , the Invalides and arc de tromphe,.
The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a most famous and amazing wonderful tower and it is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. this is world tallest iron tower  in the world . It was called as EIFFEL after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. it is opened Opened in 1889 and the Eiffel tower tall 301 m. you can not escape this famous landmark during your paris visit holiday.

Notre Dame Cathedral

“Our Lady of Paris” it is well known as Notre-Dame Cathedral and it is a historic Catholic cathedral located in Paris, France.

The Louvre

The Louvre Museum is One of the largest, very important and wonderful  tourist attraction place in Paris as well The Louvre Museum is popular destination all around the Europe as well all around the world. you can not miss to visit this amazing toursit place during your paris holiday trip.the Louvre is an enormous building and it is situated in the s 1st arrondissement in paris. you can see amazing more than one millon art works in this museum.the Louvre is really enormous. It is difficult to visit completely in a couple of hours , you should have minimum  one day.
this castle is categorized as world heritage place , the Palace of Versailles is among the most wonderful successes of cultural french art in the 17th century . The king Louis XIII searching lodge was changed and extended by his son Louis XIV who set up the Court and Government of the France in 1682 .
La Vallée Village :

this is biggest great shopping compleax located in marne la vallée disneyland and it is 35 mn from the Paris city,the valley Village offers great discounts for all falous marks.this also highlight on things like the number of historical city in the france and environment the town . That’s the reason why this City is really wonderful , it actually comes with a little something for everybody – and that’s the reason why that journey from charles de gaulle airport to Paris downtown may be the begin of a really special vacation.
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