Getting to Paris downtown by Paris Airport Taxi

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Paris is the most famous city in Europe. This city is well known as the best favorite tourist destination in
Europe. In every years, at least one million visitors come to Paris for holidays fun, vacation and other
works. Everyone can visit to Paris though 2 famous international airports, Charles de Gaulle airport and
Paris or Orly airport.

Where is Paris Roissy Charles de gaulle airport

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Paris airport is the second famous international airport in France after Charles de Gaulle airport. This
airport is located in Villeneuve-le-roi thirteen kilometer south way from Paris. There are plenty of airline
services operated in Paris airport from or to North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean and
Southeast Asia. For this reason, Paris airport is the first busiest domestic flight traffics or second busiest
airport for French passenger’s traffics. In 2014, Paris airport has served over than 30 million peoples
from domestics and international visitors. Click here to see Paris airport maps.

Things to do in Paris Airport

Once you get Paris airport, there are many things to do at the airport. Before you take off to your
destination or waiting your transfer service, you can do several activities at the airport includes; get free
internet access, Wi-Fi access, airport station game, restaurants service, car rental service, light therapy,
help desk center, medical center, toilet and chapel room. Click here to see all facilities at Paris airport.
Paris airport divided into 2 main terminals, west and south terminal. The west terminal is dedicated for
small airline service or traveler who looks for on time flight at arrival terminal. West terminal is
dedicated for air France airlines, Iberia airline and air Portugal airlines service.

Paris CDG Airport terminal maps.

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The south terminal is dedicated to serve people for long flight service. The south terminal is connected
with car parking area, basement facilities, baggage claim and departure access area.

ground transportation at Paris airport is connected with various ground transportation that transfer people to various destination in Paris. People can choose the right transportation to Paris city by; RER train service, RATP buses, taxi
service and private transfer service.

RER trains
Paris airport RER trains connecting people to ventral of Paris from west and south terminals. It is the
most economical and reliable transfer to Paris city from Paris airport. RER trains service is the most
favorite option to choose for domestic passengers in Paris.

RATP Roissy Airport buses
RATP buses are the cheap way to transfer from Paris airport. RATP buses are includes; Paris airport
buses, air France buses, night buses and Paris bus shuttle service. It is another way to get Paris or Disneyland in cost effective budget. Click here to see RATP buses service, facilities, time schedule and where you find RATP buses.

Paris airport Taxi service

Paris airport taxi is favorite transportation for domestic and international passengers from Paris airport
to Paris or other destination. As same as other ground transportation, Paris airport taxi offer cost
effective budget, comfort and professional drivers. All passengers can get this taxi service at arrival
terminal gate.

Paris taxi stands :- .

Paris taxi transfer service is deluxe transportation at Paris airport. Private taxi offers the most
comfortable and reliable transfer with excellent facilities at the same rate with other ground
transportation. Private Paris airport taxi service offer private drivers/chauffeurs to serve you as long as
holidays/travelling in Paris. With friendly personality, everyone can get fantastic travelling and
unforgettable experience. Everyone can transfer by limousine service at the cost budget. Fantastic isn’t
it? Paris private taxi service facilities and how to book the taxi service.