Irrespective of the airport in Paris, there are always transfer options to choose from and travellers therefore need to be discerning in making their decisions as to which of these different options should be chosen.

When you are planning to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris city or vice-versa, there are number of travel options for you. However, if it is your first journey to the Paris, the best and convenient mode of transportation method for you would be Private Paris airport transfer service.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the biggest and main airport  in the France. Charles de Gaulle airport is good connected with various excellent transport links into Paris city and out of the city.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal information


Charles de Gaulle airport has three terminals and terminal 1,2 and 3 . the terminals are located in separate buildings . The Charles de Gaulle airport operates free CDG –VAL shuttle bus between the terminals.

If you arrive at Terminal 1 , then you can take a CDG-VAL  shuttle bus to Terminal 3 Roissypole  to catch the RER train to Paris city.  The train station name is “Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1. another train station located at CDG terminal2 .

Having different transportation alternatives is good news for passengers who are travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Paris or vice versa. Everyone searching for ultimate convenient, comfort and low cost mode of transportation service, you can find several transfer options from Paris airport to anywhere in the Paris. You can use public terrain, Bus and hire a Paris Taxi. If you are looking private transfer service you can use Private Paris airport transfer service.  You must select a suitable option for your ride to and from the airport.

The word cheap in this context is relative as several factors besides the physical cash that is leaving your purse should also be considered. The distance between downtown Paris and the airport depends on which of the airports you are using.

A cheap Paris airport transfer should also be looked at from the point of quality service delivery. It makes little or no sense to choose a transfer company that is reputed for failure and disappointment as the eventual cost of such services is usually beyond comprehension. A simple analogy of such a case is when you are late for an important business meeting due to your choice of “cheap” Charles de Gaulle airport transfer to downtown Paris. The lateness here might not only cost you the business deal especially if you are meeting a potential client, but it might also lead to the loss of future businesses. It can therefore be seen that even if the service might look cheap on the surface of it, the real or eventual cost is beyond imagination.

It is however not always right that a cheap transfer service will fail to deliver on its promises as there are quite a number of airport transfer companies that offer quite cheap service and still ensure prompt and all-round quality service delivery.

Having clearly stated that it is very possible to get a cheap transfer from any of the airports in Paris to downtown Paris, it is important to state the tips or tricks of getting such services.

The first tip which is usually the obvious is to know which of the airports you are using. The aim here is to realize that due to the distance of each of the airport to downtown Paris, it is expected that the cost of transfer defers from one airport to the other.

Once you have been able to choose your route by identify your choice airport, the next step will be identifying the different transfer options available to you. As mentioned earlier, there are different airport transfer options and they include public taxi/cab, private transfer, and airport shuttle. Many people looking for cheap service would usually opt for public taxi or even the airport shuttle option. You however want to note that convenience, privacy, and promptness are not attributes to expect from these transfer options.

The trick here is to look for a reliable, reputable, and affordable airport transfer company that airport transfer service from your choice airport to downtown Paris. This option is the only safe, convenient, and fast way of moving from the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to downtown Paris.

As mentioned earlier, the cheapness of a service should not be looked at from the surface as this is usually deceitful. The quality of the service in relation to the cost is an even more important judgment of the value of a service.