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December 2016

The RER Train service in Paris


The most of people plan on visiting most interesting destination and most essential cities in the world. Paris is the most attractive and important city in the world for beauty, rich and fashion ,art and design. The Paris is the capital of France and it is situated on the Seine river in the north central area of the France. The Paris city is most visited cities in the world to visit.

More than 30 million visitors arrive per year to visit Paris. Paris city contains most famous monuments, museums , architecture designs and also popular entertainment places such as , Disneyland Paris, Park Asterix, Paris Moulin rouge  etc.

Paris is served by three main airports and  6 main train stations. It can help Increase Tourism in Paris. The Paris major airport is Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and it is located 25 km north east of Paris and the second biggest airport is Orly airport and it is located 15 km south of the Paris city. Beauvais airport is the third airport in Paris and it is located out of Paris.

 Getting to Paris city by Plan

If you are flying to Paris,  you will land at one of the airports in Paris,  Paris Charles de Gaulle, Orly airport and Beauvais airport.

Getting Paris By Train

If you are arriving to Paris city by euro  star train, you will arrive at Paris Gare de Nord station Paris.

Transportation options from Paris Airports

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and Orly airport is the closest airport to Central Paris. Paris has an efficient mode of transportation service to travel in the city. The city has different possibilities of transportation options to reach the central Paris from Paris airport and train stations. Public bus, train, metro, Paris taxi and private shuttle and transfers.

If you are landing Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, it is possible to get several methods of transportation option to reach your destination.

The RER (  Regional Express Network ) Train network well connects from the Charles de Gaulle airport, Orly airport and Paris Nord station in Paris city and suburbs area of Paris. The RER Train network consists of five train lines such as RER Line A, RER line B and RER line C, D and RER line E .

From Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris and Paris to Orly AIrport

The RER Line B

RER B maps

The RER B train line connects  from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris and Paris to Orly airport and Paris Nord train station to CDG airport. RER train serves CDG Airport terminals 1 and 2 . CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Gare du Nord station in Paris . First RER B train leaves at 4:50 an last RER B train leaves at 23:50

From Paris to Chessy station Disneyland Marne la Vallée Paris

The RER Line A


RER train Line A connects fast and easily from east and west of Paris. The RER A Line split different line zones as A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, which covers all main train station such as Chessy Marne la vallée Disneyland Paris, Gare de Lyon, Les Halles-Chatelet, Auber, Charles de Gaulle-Etoile and  La Defense.

From Paris Chatelet les Halles station to Chessy station Disneyland Paris Marne La Vallée  First RER A train line number A4 depart  at 5:19 and Last RER A line 4 train leaves at 0:35.

From Disneyland to Paris, the first train departs from Paris Chatelet Les Halles station to Disneyland Paris, at 5 am and last train depart at 0.30. The approximately takes about 45 minutes travel time.



Travel to and from the Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris is an entertainment holiday resort situated 33 km south east of the Paris city in new town Marne-la-Vallée. The Disneyland Paris Park officially opened on 12 April 1992 and before it named as Euro Disney Resort. The Park encompasses around  4,800 acres and resort contains Disney theme park,Walt disny studio Park, an entertainment Disney Village , largest shopping Mall and seven official Disney hotels. the theme park include  more than 58 rides and attractions and Disney parades. Disneyland Paris operated by Euro Disney French Company  S.C.A.



Disneyland theme park is where your dream comes true and you can meet your favourite disney characters. Disneyland theme park split small 5 theme lands Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasyland, Frontierland,Adventureland , Discoveryland.

Disneyland Paris is visited by millions of people yearly, from countries across the globe. One can therefore expect huge human traffic especially as Paris is also a major tourist attraction due to beautiful sceneries and good food.

With such human traffic, one major issue faced by many tourists and travellers alike is moving to and from Disneyland Paris. There are different ways of moving in and around Paris and these ways also apply to Disneyland Paris.

There is the first option of using the public taxi or cab which by the way is one of the most popular option usually due to the cost of the option and relative affordability compared to other options. Using the public taxi or cab simply requires you to wait for minutes for the next available taxi. For persons that value their time, this is a no-go area especially when you are looking to catch up with an event in Disneyland Paris. It is not strange for people to miss an event or ruin the Disneyland experience even before getting there due to delay in getting a taxi or cab.

You also have to deal with unprofessional taxi drivers who might not necessarily have a good knowledge of the city not to talk of their attitude that could be annoying.

Convenience is taken out of the picture when you opt for a public taxi transfer option especially when you have to make your way from the airport CDG to Disneyland Paris, with luggage and other loved ones. The case gets even worse when you want to include your baby in the experience.

All these features, advantages, and drawbacks put together put the public cab or taxi transfer option down the pecking order of transfer services to choose from.

Getting to Disneyland Paris using public transport service


From Paris to Disneyland, the quickest and easiest way to get to the  Disneyland Paris by  RER line A train, taking around  40 minutes from Chatelet Les Halles Station to Chessy Marne la Vallée station.Chessy station is located close to disneyland main park , just 5 minutes to walk to the disneyland station. RER A trains leave early in the morning 5.20 am and last train depart at 00.30 in the night. every 30 minutes RER train depart from the Chatelet les Halles station.
One way ticket fare is 7.60€ for adult  

Other options to travel to disnyeland Paris by TGV high speed train. if you arrive to the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport , you can get high speed TGV train to the disneyland Paris. 12 minutes travel time. also from Pris nord to Disneyland Paris by Euro star direct train runs  several times a week

The other option which is usually avoided by most travellers to and from Disneyland Paris is the private transfer service. This service is usually described as being expensive and some even go ahead to term it as luxury. It is popularly said that nothing good comes easy but with a private transfer service; everything good comes easy and sometimes easier than the relatively cheaper options.

The benefits of a private transfer service are immense and they transcend whatever one might be spending. Unlike the public cab option, convenience is guaranteed. There is always a chauffeur ready to pick you up at your location and takes you straight to Disneyland without any delay. This ensures promptness, meaning that you do not miss out on any event, all things being equal.

For persons travelling with their babies, there is an additional advantage that allows for the smooth and convenient transport of your baby to and from Disneyland Paris thanks to the provision of baby seats.

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit of travelling to and from Disneyland using a private transfer service option. This is particularly true for persons that understand the value of time and convenience.

Disneyland Paris is a fun and exciting place to be but the excitement can be easily ruined if you do not choose the right travel option.


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