Disneyland Paris or DLP as some people might want to call it is one of the most visited vacation spots not only in Europe but also across the globe. One of the reasons for this might be its proximity to major cities across Europe or the large number of travelers or tourists that the capital of France attracts every day of the week.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the most popular airports in Paris and it doubles as the major international airport in Paris. People that are coming into Paris to visit Disneyland Paris, therefore, find the CDG airport as the best entry spot.

Moving from CDG to Disneyland Paris is not significantly different from moving from one place to another. Only, in this case, people that are not too familiar with the environment need to be careful and for the familiar faces, caution must be taken to ensure one does not get caught in the massive human traffic synonymous with the CDG airport. It is also important to note the airport has three terminals, and this is especially useful for people that are not familiar with CDG airport.

There are different transfer options available for persons that want to move from CDG airport to Disneyland, and they are briefly highlighted below, with tips on how to make sure the journey is as smooth, quick, and easy as possible.

CDG to Disneyland Paris by Magical Shuttle

This is the officially-licensed shuttle buses that cover the Disneyland Paris Resort and its hotels. The buses are available throughout the day, and they serve the two major Paris airports.
One of the major features of the Magical Shuttle service is the low cost of transport with a ticket costing in the region of 13 Euros for children and 16 euros for adults. The journey to DLP using this option will usually take less than a quarter of an hour and bookings can be done online, and the schedule for the shuttle can be found on the website of the company for interested persons.

Travel from to Disneyland by Train

This is another relatively cheap option to move from CDG airport to Disneyland Paris. However, this option is quite faster and just like Magical Shuttle; bookings can be done online. there are two train services run between the airport to Disneyland Paris. The RER train service and TGV train service. The TVG trains usually depart from the train station located at Terminal 2. The RER train station located at the Roissy Pole CDG airport. the RER train line B connectes from the CDG airport to central Paris.
The major drawback to using this option results from missing the train due to flight delays and baggage collection which could also make calculating the exact arrival time a bit difficult. Planning using this option can also be difficult due to the reasons stated earlier as trains depart only every twenty minutes to one hour.

Rental Car

Depending on the company hired, the journey from Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland Paris DLP should take an average of 45 minutes. This option is particularly recommended for persons that want to explore Paris and its environs. While the prices of such services vary, it is worth noting that the services are worth every penny spent.
Most car rental services have websites where bookings can be made, and you can be sure of excellent service delivery.